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    Relationship goals.


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    free him

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    this blows my mind. all of that is water, like holy fuck thats a lot of fucking water.

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    Family: *insults my weight*
    Family: *insults my interests*
    Family: *insults my friends*
    Family: *insults my music*
    Family: *judges me constantly*
    Family: you’re being so rude why aren’t you spending time with us

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    This is the best thing I have seen all day

    well this is going on repeat

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    a few minutes ago. 


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    Mr. an Mrs. Smith had a wonderful life.
    They were a normal, happy husband and wife.
    One day they got news that made Mr. Smith glad.
    Mrs. Smith would would be a mom
    which would make him the dad!
    But something was wrong with their bundle of joy.
    It wasn’t human at all,
    it was a robot boy!
    He wasn’t…

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  15. "Our bodies could be skin on skin and I’d still pull you closer."

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